Hurricane Fay

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The Wikipedia article of the day for June 10, 2021 is Hurricane Fay.
Hurricane Fay was the first of two hurricanes to make landfall on Bermuda in October 2014. The fifth hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, it was Bermuda’s first landfalling hurricane since Emily in 1987. Fay briefly achieved Category 1 hurricane status while making landfall on Bermuda early on October 12, and despite its modest strength, produced extensive damage. Winds gusting over 100 mph (160 km/h) clogged roadways with downed trees and utility poles, and left a majority of the island’s electric customers without power. The terminal building at L.F. Wade International Airport was flooded, and along the coast, the storm unmoored and destroyed numerous boats. Within six days, before cleanup efforts could be completed, the stronger Hurricane Gonzalo struck the island and compounded the damage. Fay and Gonzalo marked the first recorded instance of two Bermuda hurricane landfalls in one season.

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