Phillip Davey

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The Wikipedia article of the day for June 28, 2021 is Phillip Davey.

Phillip Davey (1896–1953) was an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross. Along with his unit, the 10th Battalion, he landed at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, on 25 April 1915. He fought with his unit against the Ottoman army until he was evacuated sick in early November. He rejoined his battalion on the Western Front in October 1916. In January 1918 he was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in rescuing a wounded man under fire. He was promoted to corporal in April. On 28 June, in the lead-up to the capture of Merris, he killed an eight-man German machine-gun crew, saving his platoon from annihilation, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. During this action he was severely wounded. He returned to Australia to be discharged, and was employed by South Australian Railways before dying in 1953, having suffered for years with bronchitis and emphysema. His medals are displayed in the Hall of Valour at the Australian War Memorial.

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