Candy (Foxy Brown song)

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The Wikipedia article of the day for August 21, 2021 is Candy (Foxy Brown song).

“Candy” is a song by American rapper Foxy Brown (pictured) featuring Kelis, released by Def Jam on August 21, 2001, as the third single from her third studio album Broken Silence (2001). A dance-pop and R&B track, it was produced by the Neptunes duo Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, who co-wrote the song alongside Brown and Juan Manuel Cordova. Brown raps on the verses while Kelis, a frequent collaborator with the Neptunes, performs the hook. The lyrics are about cunnilingus. “Candy” received a positive response from critics upon release and in retrospective reviews. Music critics compared it to music by other artists, including Lil’ Kim, while scholars analyzed its representation of black female sexuality. In the US, the song appeared on Billboard charts, reaching the top ten on the Hot Rap Songs chart. “Candy” appeared on several soundtracks in the early 2000s; it featured in the television series Dark Angel and the films Friday After Next and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

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