Genomsnittlig temperatur ute och inne – oktober 2021

Sea of ice

Diagram över genomsnittlig temperatur utomhus och inomhus, dag för dag under oktober 2021.

Plats: Lindeborg, Malmö.

Mätt med Netatmo Weather Station.

[live-weather-station-graph mode=’yearly’ type=’lines’ template=’dark’ data=’inline’ color=’Reds’ label=’located’ interpolation=’linear’ timescale=’auto’ valuescale=’auto’ guideline=’standard’ height=’400px’ periodtype=’fixed-month’ periodvalue=’2021-10-01:2021-10-31′ device_id_1=’70:ee:50:7a:7d:58′ module_id_1=’02:00:00:7a:74:da’ measurement_1=’avg:temperature’ line_mode_1=’arealine’ dot_style_1=’small-dot’ line_style_1=’solid’ line_size_1=’regular’ device_id_2=’70:ee:50:7a:7d:58′ module_id_2=’70:ee:50:7a:7d:58′ measurement_2=’avg:temperature’ line_mode_2=’arealine’ dot_style_2=’small-dot’ line_style_2=’solid’ line_size_2=’regular’]

By Håkan Dahlström

Hi! I am Håkan. I am the author of this website. I work with IT and photography is my hobby. I also like to travel and cooking. Living in Malmö, Sweden.

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