The Changing Face of Washington, D.C. in the U.S News & World Report Magazine Photo Collection

One of the most fascinating and enjoyable aspects of research with visual materials is the wide variety of information you can learn from a single image, from the obvious to the unexpected.  A photographic portrait, for example, has a primary job of showing you what someone looks like. But beyond that, you could learn about hairstyles and clothing of the era. What does the expression or clothing suggest about the occasion the photo was taken for  – was it for a solemn event; was it candid or posed? What was its purpose – for a publication or a family photo?  Looked at together, multiple photos taken by a single photographer can indicate something of their style, their studio set-up, their…

New Research Guide: Cartoons and Caricatures

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new guide describing the Prints & Photographs Division’s large and varied collection of cartoon and caricature art. Martha H. Kennedy, now retired Curator of Popular & Applied Graphic Art and author of the guide, describes the appeal of this collection material: “The Library’s vast, diverse collections of comic art contain items that will delight and fascinate generalists and specialists alike, no matter how varied their visual tastes and interests. Among the thousands of political cartoons, caricatures, and drawings for comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, and animation art housed in the Prints & Photographs Division are gems to be discovered among these subgenres.” The guide includes two galleries of sample images,…

Gammal scanner till skroten

Gammal scanner åker i soporna.

Städade i skåpen i helgen och hittade min gamla scanner, en Canon CanoScan 4400F. Var tvungen att testa den och det visade förstås sig att den är på tok för gammal för att användas till moderna datorer och operativsystem. Det finns inga drivrutiner eller programvara för att få den att fungera med vad jag har idag. Visst är den gammal men inte jättegammal och borde gå att använda även idag. Men nu åker den i soporna. Här är en gammal bild som är scannad med denna scanner. Hyfsat resultat.