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Welcome to my personal blog. I am Håkan Dahlström living in Malmö, Sweden. Here you will find my personal thoughts on different subjects. The posts are mostly in Swedish but some may be in English. I have no special purpose with this blog other than to write my thoughts and other things that comes to my mind. It may also feature WordPress experiments like the weather section.

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My main blog are more about my interests like photography, travel, cooking and tech.

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Old intro

The first intro below. No longer valid.

An experimental WordPress blog about anything and everything. I guess it will be about testing new (and old) WordPress features. Maybe it will develop into something interesting. A very short intro about the website is found in the first blog post. Take a look around.

My other sites

https://dahlstroms.com – My homepage

https://dahlstroms.eu – An experimental blog so far

https://photos.hakdah.com – My photography site


My podcast is now available on Google Podcasts.